Friday, 1 September 2017

Cork Craft Month 2017

This is the last week to catch the amazing craft and design creations of some of the most talented designers and makers in the Cork area.

Every year a whole month, the month of August is dedicated to our love of craft and our community spirit in supporting our craftspeople and makers!

So get down and see something!!!

I was recently in Kinsale, in Co. Cork and visited the James O'Neill memorial Building to see the "Home" event and I loved everything! Woodwork, furniture making, ceramics, concrete, felting, embroidery, textiles and much more! Cork is a very talented little county!

If you are near Skibbereen check out the O'Driscoll Gallery and it's "Wild Atlantic Way" exhibition, it's on my list!

Or the "East Cork Creates" if heading in the other direction towards Midleton and the Silverstone Dimensions.

Or if you have missed out fear not as the Cork Craft & Design Craft Shop is open all year round in Douglas!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Trends A/W 2017/2018

It's that awkward time of year again, is it still summer? Pre fall? Autumn Winter? Looking out my window we have had all these seasons already today! I woke up freezing (winter), by lunch time it was sweltering, (summer) and now there is torrential rain bouncing off the ground!!! 

So that confuses and just adds to the daily "I have nothing to wear dilemma" 
The season is changing but the one thing I always look forward to is my trusty woolly jumper!!! 
I just love chunky knits, scarfs are another addiction, and tbh these 2 items really carry me through winter.

A simple pinterest search helped me identify the trends I like for A/W

This image really stood out to me! Could you get a chunkier knit and I love the colours, This is my winter style!

But I am glad to see botanical prints are staying with us! Pick up a pattern scarf and you are ready for A/W

For some reason I was drawn to the greens then researching today??

Similar to summer patterns with a darker twist:

The Pantone colour trends are something I always keep an eye on, then quickly re-organise my wardrobe with these colours to the forefront, if you are like me you have so much (notice I don't say too much as that is not possible) clothes, shoes and accessories that you can always find something in this seasons must have colour!

So what is your favourite trend of the upcoming season?
Any recommendations I should try?


Thursday, 10 August 2017

What I Am Loving ATM ~Miu Miu Autumn 2017~ Boots!!!!

Random fashion Trend update!!!

I am in love with Miu Miu's Autumn 2017 Ready to Wear Furry Boot collection!!!

I mean how can you not love them, they look like slippers, I think they would be so cosy!!!
I do love anything fuzzy and furry, just an overgrown child really!!!!

Unfortunately I don't think the price tag will be as lovable so there may be a creative make 'n do post in my future!!!

More pic's...

What colour is the nicest??

Like Teddy Bear Feet!!!


Friday, 26 May 2017

~ The Cold Shoulder ~ Trend of the Season ~ SS2017

Every season there is some trend that catches your eye, this season for me it has been the " Cold Shoulder". This is a fun trend which is sexy, maybe flirty, but leaves something to the imagination,

I've seen this trend on catwalks and on side walks it is an easy trend to have in your life, (I hope to do some refashions on it soon!) So for a run down on the catwalk inspiration check out Elle's View.

Left to right: Vera Wang, Tome, Gabriela Hearst, Altuzarra, Delpozo

I like how with Delpozo you don't necessarily have to actually have a cold shoulder as they styled there "cold shoulder" over a sheer top! 

Altuzarra have also linked it to the stripes trend, you gotta love stripes!!

This easily accessible trend is allover the high street too, here are my picks:
(also a lot of this trend incorporated my other favourite trend, RUFFLES!!!)

River Island

River Island



It doesn't have to be fancy and ruffly even the sports/ active-wear trend is embracing the cold shoulder like this ASOS sweatshirt! 

Whats your favourite trend this season???

Monday, 2 May 2016

Nude??? Colour or Concept??

As always I've been chatting and following new blogs and bloggers and I found a topic I hadn't really thought about, Nude.

It was Chanel of Chanel's Beauty Bible who put this question to the world, so read this post!!!!

Then I saw a tweet by Betty at Beauty by Betty

"Same Shade, Different Tones"

 Then my girl Christina  of Styled to the T, read it!!!  did a collaboration with a group of bloggers  showing Spring Lippies for darker skin tones! 
I had never really given "nude" a second though, I'm just not into the shades usually!!!? But maybe the fashion and beauty world should be!!!!   


What is nude?


The colour of naked flesh???


But we are all different colours, tones and shades!

I know I can't find "nude" clothes the colour of my skin, I tried looking for fabric to make a nude dress and it just wasn't happening!

"Nude" clothes are all kinda beige-pink, I don't have pinkish skin, if anything I've more yellowy (not jaundiced or a Simpson) undertones... I kinda tan well if I'm out in the sun, it hasn't been happening recently! (What's with the weather???) maybe sallow-ish?? So I can find nude paler or pinker than my skin, and I'm pretty pale, so what if I was even darker??? I'd have no hope!!!

But good new Christian Louboutin had started to tackle this problem check out his The Nude Collection here!!!

The beauty industry has mostly gotten in line too, however I never thought about this either, I know the colour on the lipstick isn't really what it's going to look like on my lips, but are these swatches more tuned to white skin tones??
Think about hair dye..... they show 3 hair colours before and after usually, I know it's a bigger box to put pics but does anyone in the beauty industry usually show the same shades on different tones anywhere???

Then I saw Chanel's Baked Earth Misguided post, read it here! and thought this is really a nudes trend, maybe they should have marketed it as a "real nudes" trend and take a leaf from Louboutin's book!!!

Clothes come in all shapes and sizes but underwear... nude really has to be nude if it is to be "fit for purpose". I found some that are, Bjorn Borg and Nubian Skin

Come on if nothing else it's a great advertising campaign!!!! Just look at Benetton
I have to honour Winnie Harrlow, to put Vitiligo out there and normalise it, she truly fits this question, What is Nude??

I hope you found this post interesting, and a bit different my my usual posts!

But I have pay tribute to the designers and photographers to are tackling this concept head on!!!