Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer Shoes ~ Polyshoeism~ #SpendingMoreOnShoesThanRent

So as you might have read here last Saturday I bought some summer shoes...

These Zaxy polka dot wedge sandals

... and these Zaxy flats

All on sale but still I spent €72!

So today Thursday, five days later I was strolling through the city when out of the corner of my eye I spotted these Rocket Dog wedges on sale €10!!!! (What's with my Polka Dot Phase??) I had to have them! I don't know why, but I see shoes, I want shoes, I buy shoes. 
€10 that's two fancy coffees, so I can forgive myself for this shoe purchase!!!! #Bargain #Find

June Shoe total (so far)  €82

Now all I need is a Shoe Room to store all my shoes! Hmm will have a look on pinterest...

Pinterest Shoes

Pinterest Shoe Wardrobes Some of these are amazing, I wish I had the space for a Shoe Room!


Anyone out there in the blogosphere suffering from Polyshoeism? Comment or send Pics!
and remember...

Saturday, 20 June 2015

~ Saturday Sale Shopping~ Zaxy Shoes~ Moschino Wishlist~

The sun is out so I went…. Shopping!!!! Through on this maxi dress I bought 4 years ago in Penneys/Primark for €5. First time wearing it, going through my wardrobe and loving it! It’s from their Young Dimensions range.

It’s that time of year again too!!! Summer Sales!!!! Had spotted these Zaxy Shoes a few weeks ago but now seeing the It’s Shoetime sale I just had to get them!!! I did go into town to get some summer shoes anyway!

Got these Zaxy Black Flats with a flower on the front, they have super cute polka dot/ flower dot insides too and loads of padding so more comfy than cheaper ballerina dumps!! Down from €42 to €33! They are very small fitting so you might have to go up a size in this style.

Then I got these cute Zaxy wedge sandals in grey and black polka dot, down from €48 to €38!!!  Now I gotta get something to go with them!!! Next week!!


In the sale mood I popped into Brown Thomas, as did everyone else by the look of it!!! But I spotted some Moschino pieces I just love! This cute pink sweater with I don’t know what to call them giant pearls or peables?? I kinda feel like I’m in the Flintstones wearing it but I just love the chic appearance created by an over the top embellishment!!! Well done Moschino!!! (sorry about the blurry pics)

They also has a black Jacket with the same embellishment (that’s the safest thing to call it) which was so cute too, I want them!!! Moschino you are on the WISHLIST!!!

To cheer myself up I got this little black sheer top second hand for €3.50, I know it’s like sooo many little black tops I already own but I just love them they can transform a day look to a night look in seconds!!! So worth it! (I tell myself)

Anyone else grab some summer bargains???

Have you seen my Beach Style Wishlist??? here


Enjoy the sunshine!!!


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June Penneys/Primark and Essence Haul

Today I went on a mini shopping spree in Penneys/Primark for some basics. I picked up some nail polish remover and some new nail polishes, make-up brush cleaner (as I really need to clean my brushes and Beauty-La-Linda showed me this) some brushes, clear eye-lash/eye-brow mascara and my fav nude essence lipstick.


I needed nail polish remover, then I saw that the essence counter had been restocked and they had “the gel nail polish” base coat and top coat. I had just tried this out last week at my fellow blogger Linda’s and found it really good. Then I thought why not get some new bright colour polishes for the summer. The purple Essence “20 Beautiful Lies” and the pink from Essences “The Pastels” collection “yummy gummy”.

You can never have too many make-up brushes, especially for the eyes so I just picked some up! For €1.59 to €1.89 you can’t go wrong. Beauty-La-Linda has reviewed some of these hereAlso the brushes I have need to be cleaned so I’m not brushing old make-up and bacteria onto my face.

I saw the essence “Lash & Brow gel mascara” a product I have never tried before but thought I should as your brows should never be neglected as part of any good make-up routine.

This year I have been using essence nude lipstick no.40 “look at me” as my stable so as I was running low I grabbed a new one.

Penneys is one of the best places to stock up on everything without going over budget while still being on trend. They also stock the essence make-up range which is one of my favourite high street brands.

Has anyone else tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?




Saturday, 13 June 2015

Summer Beach Style ~Wish List~

The sun is shining so even though I don’t have any holiday plans yet I can still look at bikinis and beach wear.

I usually go for black or strong colours but there are a lot of pastels and light colours on the high-street this year and hopefully I will embrace this trend on my next shopping trip!

I have been browsing the high street and the interweb to see what is available and come up with some possible looks.


My River Island look is nice and relaxed. Fringing is a big trend this season so I saw this white fringed beach dress. Add a pop of colour with a cute embellished pastel pink or yellow bikini, you can show off your beach body while keeping something for the imagination.

Sandals are kept flat as heels disappearing through the sand - not a good look.  At the same time you don’t want to burn your feet on the hot sand! These are not just for the beach either, wear every day with a maxi dress or some cropped jeans.


This is where you can add your own style, so I’ve gone for a harness, boho headdress and again our colour pop of pink tassel bracelets.
Sunglasses a must and a casual tote beach bag!!


Then I checked out and fell in love with this neon orange Forever Unqiue
 Vivienne Beach Tunic Kaftan, it’s a bit pricey at €301 so on the wish list! Plus this could be worn as an evening look too with a pair of heels!
Also spotted an embellished bikini in the same colour, though I would get one of the black bikinis or one pieces to go under the kaftan. I’m loving the embellished swimwear this season have to get some!

I also spotted this hooded one piece which is a bit different, a statement piece following the sports lux trend.

Next I checked out and found some great pieces like the orange maxi for €20. I also found a neon fringed bikini which I just love! Two trends in one; neon and fringing!! Pastel pink bikinis, embellished bikinis, the gold cut out halter bikini and some great aviator glasses!!

Accessory wise I found so much jewelry I need for the summer!!! A plain bikini can be brought to life with a long chain or a headpiece. Pop everything into your beach bag and you’re ready to go!


No shopping trip is complete without checking out Penneys/Primark. Unfortunately you cannot see all their products online but going shopping isn’t so bad. Just remember self-control!!!! Pretty much every trend is covered, prints from animal to Aztec, neons, fringing but my favourite is defiantly these blue hues. this kaftan is only €12 and the maxi only €9! Cute white shorts with crochet waist band €5 and bikini tops €7-9. (Also some lines are already on sale!!!)
 Penneys is one of the best places for getting on trend pieces (at pocket friendly prices) but I can go crazy and buy the whole shop!!!
There is so much out there this season so shop around. Trends from the catwalks, replicated on the high street, so shopping around can save you money.  Identify the trends you like then browse the trend online or in store before you purchase. Thus optimizing your summer wardrobe and ensuring your budget covers everything you need to be ready for the beach!!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thursday Treats

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For the past few weeks I have been allowing myself a treat every Thursday, I’ve gotten this far in the week but it’s not the weekend yet so I think you need a treat of a Thursday to make it to the weekend!


My friends and family are also helping me with this!

Gingerbread men from Fields Super Valu in Skibbereen, this is one of the hidden treasures of West Cork with a cute café and in store bakery! Thanks Dad!

Cherry Scone from Super Valu in Midleton or should I say a Cherry with some scone in it! This may be the best cherry scone I have ever had! They really don’t skimp on the cherries! Delicious! Again thanks Dad!!

Pink macaroon, from the English Market in Cork City. I picked up this treat while shopping for chicken breasts for my dinner, slightly distracted!! I did get the chicken but the treat helped motivate me to cook it!!!
Marshmallows and jellies on a kebab!!! Picked up for me in the Brown Thomas Food Hall by my friend Fiore. Thanks hun xx

Two Treats today!!! Viennese Swirl and Ginger bread man from Healys Bakery, English Market, Cork. Nom nom nom...


I think this is a tradition that I will keep! Check out #ThursdayTreat on my Instagram!

Are you going to start to give yourself a Thursday Treat?? Comment or send pictures!


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It’s all in the Presentation

So Beauty-La-Linda is moving house, read here, so it’s house warming prezzi time! As you can guess I love gifts, both receiving them and making them!

I am a firm believer that it’s all in the presentation; it’s the personal touch that adds to the gift.

So for a house warming I went to the shop and got some basic household necessities:


·        Tea

·        Sweets

·        Chocolate

·        Marshmallows for hot chocolate

·        Rice Krispies for Rice Krispy buns


So I got home and started baking. Melt chocolate add Rice Krispies put in cupcake cases, done! I had red polka dot cupcake cases in large and tiny so I made a few of each.


I also have some silicone chocolate moulds so I melted more chocolate and made some chocolate spoons to make hot chocolate. I also made some chocolate buttons. (I may be obsessed with buttons)


I wrapped these all up with cellophane and cellophane bags with red ribbons.


I have these cellophane bags with gold stars, that came with red ribbons. I think they were €1.49 for a pack of 20. So I used these to hold the tea, sweets and marshmallows. Beautiful!


I also got a cute cupcake sign in Penneys/Primark (on sale woo!!!) 

and if you follow Beauty-la-Linda you may know her 30 before 30 post, well no.12 is to make a scrap book, so that’s what I got to record all the changes going on this year!

So that’s it, cute gift all wrapped up in a beautiful floral bag. Hope she likes it!



Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Trends SS15- The Jump Suit- A Love/Hate Relationship

So this spring summer the jump suit is still with us as seen on designer runways such as Dior, Pucci and Ralph Lauren.

Picture Vogue

But do we really love them???

They can look great, its easy to get ready, one piece is your whole outfit and they have been around forever so they must be doing something right.



I recently went out sporting this cute playsuit from Penneys (Primark).

Black top with gold sequin hotpants kinda thing going on in a playsuit,teamed it with a belt/black ribbon to define my waist. It looked good. It’s still cool out in the evenings so I had a cardigan over it and all was good with the world… Until I had to go to the bathroom, which happens on a night out , its pretty much unavoidable. Then the fun started!

1 Take off cardigan

2 Take off belt

3 Open zipper, whole length of playsuit

4 Completely undress

5 Now put it all back on again


You see my problem!!! Time consuming and annoying!

Maybe it’s just this particular type as I have a playsuit somewhere from years ago which was like a boobtube and that was much easier as it was like opening very high waisted jeans.

I won’t discount the concept completely,  it did look nice. Or they could take inspiration from baby onsies and have an alternative opening?      
Anyone out there in the blogosphere have a similar experience or a more positive experience??