Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Top 10 Festival Fashion

Festival season is truly in full swing so after sorting out your tickets and your tent the next step is sorting out your wardrobe.

You want to look good while also having some degree of functionality!

Kate Moss is the Patron Saint of Glastonbury style as per POPSUGAR so taking inspiration from her previous looks and the high street trends I have come up with some must haves


1.       Wellies

Be it Hunter Wellies or spotty crazy wellies we need them!! #(shoe addiction)

Fashion and function check!


2.       Rain Coat

Let’s face it, it could rain!  I think the way tom go is one of these handy bum bag type rain coats and these days they come in cute colours and designs!

Not too heavy and awkward if it doesn’t rain and not taking up much space in your bag.

Fashion and function Check!



3.       Ripped up denim shorts

A festival stable spanning generations, if it’s not broken don’t fix it!


4.       Top

Add your own style, the crop top is big this season, try it if its your thing. Add the boho look with this leather top from ASOS.COM or this off the shoulder number from NewLook.

Or go for the tried and trusted band tee or acid washed tees.

5. Oversized Jumper

As you can never tell what our weather will be like you might as well stay warm.

I spotted these AllSaints men’s jumpers which I need, thinking XL with a cute belt jumper dress thing going on!


6.       Bag

The backpack is in this season so look around and find one you like! ASOS have this leather fringed on while Primark have a selection from imitation leather to denim.


7.       Oversized Sunglasses

like these aviators from River Island


8.       Hat

Prevent sun stroke and stay stylish try this fedora from…

9.       Accessorize

Another area where you can show your personality, from chunky jewellery to feathers and flowers it’s up to you there is so much choice out there!


10.   The make-up Survival bag but that’s another post! Read Here!

So that’s my Top 10 Festival Fashion Essentials.

Most high street stores now offer festival shops on their websites so check them out for more inspiration.

Enjoy the festival season fashionistas!




  1. I'm so glad to see more people wearing Hunters (or any rainboots!). I walk nearly everywhere so I've always worn rainboots and before this year people would look at me like I was crazy!

    Jennifer { howtopourcereal }

  2. I can't believe it, everyone should have wellies or rainboots! Having dogs and living in the country and also in such a wet climate I've grown up with them!