Monday, 31 August 2015

DIY Trends ~ Fringing ~ Crop Top ~ T-Shirt Project


Fringing and distressing, the Crop Top

A Trend to try before the summer ends, the crop top and some fringing (although fringing seems to be continuing into the Autumn) great festival trend read my Festival Fashion post here

After a lovely twitter chat with fellow blogger Jordan C of and comparing festival fashion I thought of this DIY project.

I have lots of plain black tees lying around so I thought to vamp one up! Why not??


To Distress:

Soak in salt water, softens the t-shirt (not necessary but I wondered what all this was about)

Bleach splatters, I went a bit overboard with the bleach but I think it works. I just used the ordinary bleach you use to clean the bathroom costs around 80c.                            
I just love the firey colours of the bleach on black!

I also cut off the collar and shortened the sleeves.


This just requires a scissors, a steady hand and patience.

So chop chop.

Then I tied some knots to create a pattern and give the illusion of length to my new Crop Top!

Perfect top for the Indian summer we have been promised or to wear to any festival! I styled this with some high waisted denim shorts so as not to show too much skin!

You like?? Please leave a comment
Have you read my Festival Fashion Post

Friday, 28 August 2015

Colour Trends Autumn Winter 2015/2016

Lets get down to fashion!

I’ve scoured the fashion world to summarise the trends for you!!! So first things first Colour Trends. Pantone has exact colours so check out there website!!!


My favourites for this season are the oxblood and shades of wines and burgundy, like my pussy bow blouse read here this is a good trend to embrace as you can accessorise with an oxblood bag or check out some beauty buys maybe a burgundy lipstick gothic romance style!!                                       

Embraced this season by designers such as Kenzo, Verso, McQ, and Chloe
This colour trend is also showing up in interior design.
and green
Again if you just want to embrace a bag or if you want to go all out with a blouse or a cosy knit!!
 Patterns  are also big again this season and these shades are truly versatile in this area, eastern opulence to the juxtaposition of clashing why not try a cool peacock pattern.

Don't forget the other colours, so pick your favourite
Romantic Dusky Pinks, "Under the Sea" Blues and "Very Berry" colours...


Neutral tones and colours are staying with us which I  love as there is a neutral colour to complement every skin tone!!!
And of course the Lady in Red
Whats your favourite colour trend for this season?
Leave a comment or send me a pic!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Midweek Motivation ~ Success, Goals, Lists and Rewards

As part of my previous Midweek Motivation post Tip 3 & 4 were to set targets and make lists to achieve them. This is a tried and trusted method of achieving success.

Goals & Lists

So just take a piece of paper and start writing.

Are you happy? What you make you happy? Take for example your current job, or future career.


Career Case Study
·        What do you do?
·        What would you like to do?
·        Do you need to gain experience or get some qualification to do this?
·        Where can you gain experience? Paid or unpaid?
·        What college courses are available? And Where?
·        College entry requirements?
·        Are you willing to move or travel to do this?
·        Financial things, cost of college? Fees; accommodation; commuting costs; books;
·        Do you need to get a part time job or stay in your current job to afford any of the above?


To set goals first you have to identify them I find making lists really help to find long term goals.
Set SMART goals.

Then you must do the footwork, the little things to help you get there!

Set a timeframe. Ask yourself where you want to be in 10 years? Where you want to be in 1 year, what is acceptable to you?

Not just career wise, you relationship status, your living arrangements, driving, pets, family, success!!!

So long term goals set and a means to achieving them identified, down to the everyday. Every day you should achieve something to boost your confidence and keep you motivated so set daily or weekly lists of the little things that you keep putting off like cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen or hoovering small things that have to be done but I keep putting them off especially hoovering the stairs!!!!

I am a last minute kinda person and it can drive me mad especially when I’m going out tonight and I only have half a dress!!! *Revving up the sewing machine* #stress

Organisation is the key to success! So my making lists is a step towards success!!

If you remember my positivity post here I said to surround yourself with positivity so make wall charts or little notes for yourself setting out your goals. This will help you visualise the important things and once you believe in yourself you will just magically become everything you are imaging! 


Very important to reward success! (5 Tips to Success) No matter how little.

So I hoovered the stairs last week, twice! I mean how does it get so dirty??!! So the first time I did it I had a nice cup of tea and a cream cake!! Just a little reward for all my housework!


So if I get cake for cleaning I get a designer bag for a promotion! And a holiday for passing exams… gives you a reason to try and let’s face it we all need a push!!!

Rewards help us stay positive too and smile! It’s all circle so give it a go!!
Hope you're enjoying my #MidweekMotivation

Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Fashion Fix ~ Pussy-Bow Blouses~ Trend Report ~ #OOTD


So its Friday, time for your Fashion Fix! What did I wear today?? Why a pussy bow blouse.
I have has this since Autumn Winter 2014/2015 and yet it is sooo on Trend for this season Autumn Winter 2015/2016.

The Pussy- Bow is everywhere this season; I have just read 3 ways to wear in Marie Claire.

Colour wise still right on Trend Oxblood also everywhere this season!

 I got mine in Penneys/Primark I also have it in a light grey. The style is still in stock in a range of colours and a budget friendly price.

This Trend is so easy to style due to the embellished bow details.

For the office, like this Tommy Hilfiger blouse with a black blazer.

Casual, themed with shorts and a white jacket.

Olivia Palermo is a fan of the pussy bow blouse

As is Alexa Chung...

From High Street to High End there is a Pussy Bow Blouse for you!!!!

They've been around forever so has anyone else out there embraced this Trend recently?

Or invested in this season’s key piece??

Leave your thoughts below!




Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Midweek Motivation ~ 7 Tips To Positivity~

As part of my 5 tips to success and motivation, (read it here) Tip 2 was to Stay Positive. This is a very important step to a happy success filled existence.

It’s not an easy task to be positive, happy and smiley all the time but if you can manage this everything else will be so much easier.


1.   Smile

Even if you’re feeling down, smile.

A simple smile not only cheers up your day it cheers up everyone you meet on your journey through life.

If you think back to your last walk through town, who do you remember? The person who smiled at you just because they were having a good day! And I bet that made you smile! Smiling is contagious!!!


2.   Be Polite and Courteous

You might not think it means a lot but it does to those your being polite and courteous too.

Hold the door for someone, say please and thank you. If you put someone else in a positive mood you will be in a positive mood yourself.

And don’t forget about Karma, put out positivity get back positivity.


3.   Surround Yourself With Positivity

Be it people, pets or objects if they are positive they have a place in your life.

Negative people can drag you down with them so either cut the cord or cheer them up. Sometimes people are so negative its amusing and you laugh at them but that’s a rarity. So if your friends are negative you need new friends!

Pets are always positive and put you in a good mood. So if you feel down talk to your pet.

4.   Positive Reinforcement/ Visualisation/ Use Your Senses

Linked to surrounding yourself with positivity. Positive quotes are everywhere
these days be it on wall hangings or cushion covers so get yourself some! (like these from Primark)

If there is something you want in life, to have a bikini body, to pass your exams or your driving test Visualise It!!! Write it down and pin it up all around your house so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see at night.

Use all your senses, repeat positive thoughts out loud when you’re on your own or better yet read your positive signs out loud to yourself then you can see, speak and hear them reinforcing positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. When your mind believes your positive your body follows.

5.   List 5 good things about you and your life!

Simple, if you’re positive more difficult if you’re not so start out easy.

·        I have a nice smile.

·        I have pretty eyes.

·        I make a good chocolate brownie!

·        I’m a good listener.

·        I have a cute bedroom

·        I am fabulous!!!

But seriously give it a try and keep going you might find hundreds of positive traits!

6.   Don’t be a Victim

Harsh I know but get over it.

Accept your flaws and move on.

 Accept your past and move on, you can’t change it (unless you invent a time machine)

You can’t control what others think so why bother trying, it’s not their life! Live for yourself.

7.     Meditation

If you are very stressed and negative take a few minutes out and relax, empty your mind, picture a blank sheet of paper.

It’s not for everyone but there has to be a reason why people have meditated for generations.
(Words of Wisdom from Laura)

Ok that was a really long one but you get the point. Positivity is just a combination of little things you can do to make you and everyone else around you happier, motivated and successful!
Read my other #MidweekMotivation post here

Hope you give it a go, and leave a comment.


Monday, 17 August 2015

Cake Pops ~ Baking~

Today my sweet tooth has gotten the better of me and I feel creative so I decided to make CAKE POPS!!!

I love these, they are so cute and also help you with portion control!!!!

I bought a cake pop maker two years ago, it was an impulse buy as it was on sale in Tesco but it was
actually one of my better purchases! I have used it so much, you have baked cakes/pops in under 5 minutes. Which is good as I am quite impatient especially when all I really want is to decorate my creations!!!

You can also bake these using a cake pop mould which you can pick up in dealz, tesco or any cook ware shop.

For the cake pops I first went to the odlums website and got a basic cupcake recipe then I adapted it for a kinda red velvet pop. (a pop of colour when you bite into the pop)

  • 2oz self raising flour (with 2 tsp cocoa powder)
  • 2oz brown sugar
  • 1oz marg
  • 1oz nutella hazelnut spread
  • 1 egg
  • Red food colouring
Mix it all up in a bowl and spoon into the cake pop maker or cake pop mould
Bake for 5 minutes in the oven or as per box instruction on the cake pop maker.

(Hint I grease my cake pop maker with cooking spray so they pop out easily)

After letting them cool time to decorate!!!

I melted chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, then rolled the pops around in it. Then before they dry I poured sprinkles on top, simple.

I got the cake pop sticks and the cake pop stand in dealz. I also got silicone cake pop moulds before I got the maker.  Dealz also do a good cake decorating range like the red sugar and the white chocolate stars I used.

If you have read my It's all in the presentation post you may know I like presentation and gift wrapping so I got my trusty cellophane and tape and set to work! I cut the cellophane into squares and taped then up, easy.

Hope you like then and are inspired to make some cake pops of your own! Please share any pictures of your pops or feel free to comment!