Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Midweek Motivation ~ 5 Tips to Success~

Have you ever heard the saying the road to hell is paved with good intensions? Well it’s true so to save ourselves from eternal damnation we gotta get motivated!!! I am a self-confessed procrastinator but I’m trying to change that!!!

1.    Wake up!!! And Sort your S#*! Out!!!

A good start to the day is half the battle. Get out of bed with a positive outlook and treat yourself to a good breakfast to set yourself up for the day, try some porridge with honey and cinnamon or blueberries and flaked almonds.

Make the bed, messy house messy head! Declutter your home to declutter your head!

A nice warm shower will help wake you up and if you have the courage flick it to cold for a refreshing wakeup call (I don’t manage that every day)

Eat well, don’t forget your 5 a day!!! Avoid processed food! Everything is good in moderation!!!

Go for a walk!!!

Get some sleep!!!


2.    Stay Positive


Surround yourself with positivity. Don’t waste your time on negativity and negative people! Pin positive quotes around your room. See these cute ones from Penneys/Primark!

See the silver lining in every situation. What at first seems negative may not always turn out that way. Everything happens for a reason and Karma will be there for you!!!


3.    Make a list

Plan your day in advance and make a list of everything you must do, from shopping for food to studying. Organisation is the key to success! And do the most difficult thing first! There’s no point putting it off, if you avoided it today do it first thing tomorrow.

4.    Set Goals


Set yourself targets and long term goals whether to write a new blog post every day or to tidy your house. Break down your tasks into achievable parts, set a time span and stick to it!

Make a wall chart so you can visualise your goals, talk yourself through your plan. Use all your senses and you will create brain patterns to success.


5.    Reward Yourself

Plan rewards for every little success.
They will motivate you to achieve your goals! Be it a nice cappuccino after an hour of writing/study, a coffee machine for passing your exams or a new dress and a night out. Maybe a Ferrari for making your first million!!!!


Give it a go. Make a list, set your goals, get up and go and enjoy your rewards!!!





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