Wednesday, 12 August 2015

#Midweek Motivation ~ 6 Tips to Wake up!!! And sort your S#*! Out!!!


In my Previous Midweek Motivation post here  Wake Up and Sort your S#*! Out was my first Tip to success but I realise that this deserves a whole post of its own, so here goes.

1.     Wake Up!!! A good start to the day is half the battle.

Get up early, don’t waste your life sleeping. If you wake up early 5 days a week then your weekend sleep in will be all the more rewarding!

2.     Get out!

 I know everyone has a different lifestyle especially those who work late or nights but try to see some daylight. Sunshine is linked to happiness, I know we haven’t gotten  a lot of it this summer. But we all need fresh air and vitamin D! So take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and go for a walk.

Exercise is always good but it’s difficult to get the time for it or the motivation!! But try to go for a little walk everyday even if it’s just to the shop!!

3.     Eat Well!

This is an obvious one!!! We are what we eat so eat well!

Unhealthy eating habits lead to serious health risks, including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney and Liver problems, respiratory problems, dental  issues  etc. ultimately you could go blind, have your limbs amputated and die so put down that takeaway! Extreme but true!

Scary bit over so Moderation is key.

On a day to day level or on a vanity level healthy eating will give you clear beautiful skin, more energy and a better outlook on life so more motivation!

So avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, salt or hydrogenated fats and oils. I have a mouth full of sweet teeth so this is very difficult for me I go through phases but what I know is if I buy a bag of chocolate or sweets I will eat all of them!!! The same with biscuits and cookies I can’t just eat one! So I just try not to buy sweets and candy every week.

 Treat yourself to a good breakfast to set yourself up for the day, try some porridge with honey and cinnamon or blueberries and flaked almonds. I am loving Vanilla yoghurt, blueberries and chia seeds these days!

I don’t always manage my 5 a day but the ideas there!

Listen to your granny! Meat and 2 veg for dinner! I know not everyone eats meat but vegetables are always good. At least 2is what I was raised with.

Snacks I know I might seem like a bird eating nuts and seeds but they contain  good fats and protein.

If your reading this you are obviously into blogs so check out some foody ones or even what your favourite bloggers are eating!!! I found this very good for healthy treats deliciouslyella also Anna always eats well here Anna Sacone 

Don’t go the other direction either, we need food to live!! To concentrate and to be motivated!!!

Then you can reward your healthy living with a treat! Good puppy!!
#ThursdayTreat read here

4.     Good housekeeping

As I previously said messy house messy head!!!

I don’t expect you to turn into Kim or Aggie overnight! Start small make your bed every morning. Clean your dishes after every meal, but your clothes on hangers or in the wash.
                                    See I’m obsessed with storage and jars!!!

5.     Get a Hobby!!!

Knitting to Boxing you need something you can escape to so you can clear your thoughts.  I occasionally knit, I paint, I design and  make clothes and accessories and…. 
 I have even done sweaty yoga…  Bikrim Yoga (check it out)


6. Get Some Sleep!!!

I don’t manage to get 12 hours every night. But sleep is important it allows our body and mind to recover from the activities of the day! You need it for good skin and clear thoughts. You will never be motivated if you’re always sleepy!


So that’s it, now the tough part implementing change!!!



  1. I totally agree! People don't know this " if you have a long day ahead of you, the best way to achieve it .. To get up early and start to kick ass". Having a rich nutrient breakfast is the most important thing after waking up! It's gonna make your body functions go well all day long! I actually loved this series :) xx

  2. Thank you!! Glad your enjoying my #Midweekmotivation