Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Midweek Motivation ~ Success, Goals, Lists and Rewards

As part of my previous Midweek Motivation post Tip 3 & 4 were to set targets and make lists to achieve them. This is a tried and trusted method of achieving success.

Goals & Lists

So just take a piece of paper and start writing.

Are you happy? What you make you happy? Take for example your current job, or future career.


Career Case Study
·        What do you do?
·        What would you like to do?
·        Do you need to gain experience or get some qualification to do this?
·        Where can you gain experience? Paid or unpaid?
·        What college courses are available? And Where?
·        College entry requirements?
·        Are you willing to move or travel to do this?
·        Financial things, cost of college? Fees; accommodation; commuting costs; books;
·        Do you need to get a part time job or stay in your current job to afford any of the above?


To set goals first you have to identify them I find making lists really help to find long term goals.
Set SMART goals.

Then you must do the footwork, the little things to help you get there!

Set a timeframe. Ask yourself where you want to be in 10 years? Where you want to be in 1 year, what is acceptable to you?

Not just career wise, you relationship status, your living arrangements, driving, pets, family, success!!!

So long term goals set and a means to achieving them identified, down to the everyday. Every day you should achieve something to boost your confidence and keep you motivated so set daily or weekly lists of the little things that you keep putting off like cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen or hoovering small things that have to be done but I keep putting them off especially hoovering the stairs!!!!

I am a last minute kinda person and it can drive me mad especially when I’m going out tonight and I only have half a dress!!! *Revving up the sewing machine* #stress

Organisation is the key to success! So my making lists is a step towards success!!

If you remember my positivity post here I said to surround yourself with positivity so make wall charts or little notes for yourself setting out your goals. This will help you visualise the important things and once you believe in yourself you will just magically become everything you are imaging! 


Very important to reward success! (5 Tips to Success) No matter how little.

So I hoovered the stairs last week, twice! I mean how does it get so dirty??!! So the first time I did it I had a nice cup of tea and a cream cake!! Just a little reward for all my housework!


So if I get cake for cleaning I get a designer bag for a promotion! And a holiday for passing exams… gives you a reason to try and let’s face it we all need a push!!!

Rewards help us stay positive too and smile! It’s all circle so give it a go!!
Hope you're enjoying my #MidweekMotivation

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