Saturday, 12 September 2015

Saturday Shopping!!! Mini Haul!

Today I had a quick dash into town (literally have you seen the weather!!! I left with sunglasses and returned under a brolly!!!) and this is what I picked up!

It’s all baking and beauty.

I Picked up these two cake boxes in baby pink and hot pink for €0.90 each in Brennans cookshop.

 Then I wandered over to Minihans Pharmacy to check out their Geurlain make-up stand and I picked up their Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick in the shade 15.  (Review coming)They also gave me some foundation samples so I must check these out.

Just a mini hual this time but had to mention it as I’m so excited about this lipstick!!!


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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Debs Style and Check List

So it’s that time of year again, debs season!

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about this recently both in the Media (like Xpose make overs) and in store.

If you still don’t have a dress don’t worry there are loads out there for you to find!!!


1 What is your Budget?

Dresses can vary in price from €20 to €800!!!

2. High Street or Haute Couture?

I’ve been to a few Debs/Grads in my day so I’ve worn both!!!

Haute Couture

Look around if you are getting a dress made; ask friends and family if they could recommend a dressmaker and check online.

If you find a dressmaker you think you like set up a meeting, ask to see their work, tell them how much you want to spend, fabrics you like etc. and ask if it is feasible?  Check reviews online. Then get designing, most will listen to what you like and look at any images you bring with you then design a one off Haute Couture piece just for you!!!


High Street

These days there is so much choice on the High Street it’s defiantly worth a wander around the high street.

One of my dresses was a sample bridesmaid dress from a  Bridal Boutique for just €20. This would have retailed in the hundreds if it was made to order as most bridal is however at the end of every season the samples are sold off at a reduced rate so ask around they are unlikely to be out front but usually the shop assistant will be more than happy to help you.

Try on everything, even if it’s not what you would usually go for.
Try a range of colours and styles to find what suits you.

Colour, Patterns, Style, Sleeves, Straps, Strapless, Backless, embellishments?

Check online, now this could be hit and miss so I would recommend doing this early in case you have to return it.


Don’t be afraid to have a dress altered, I had one of mine taken in at the top as it was strapless and I didn’t want it to fall down! It was a fashion show dress from Sheena’s Boutique and as it had been worn, on sale for €40. (RRP €200+)


Jewellery depending on the dress you may not need any. A lot of boutiques will also have a range of jewellery and accessories so have a look.

Bag, you will probably need a bag, maybe a small clutch? Make sure it matches and holds your phone, camera, makeup and anything else you might need!!! Though we would all love a Judith Lieber, Primark/Penneys always have a nice range. You can always accessorise it yourself; just don’t leave it to the last minute!

Shoes, you’ll be wearing them all night and dancing so make sure you can walk in them. You can never be over the top at a debs so get what you like glitter, sparkles and sequins!!! You could pick up  a nice pair of strappy sandals in the sales at the moment!!!

You might want to bring some flats (if you can fit them in your bag) if your still going to be wandering the streets in the morning!!!

Underwear- this can make or break your outfit. Spanx for smooth lines if you have a fitted dress. You might need a backless, strapless or a deep plunge bra. Maybe a nude colour?


Be sure to tell your date your colour scheme so he doesn’t clash with you (usually his waistcoat/tie/cummerbund will match your dress) and so he gets a beautiful corsage to match.


Dress done there is so much else to think about so make sure you have these covered.

·        Tan appoint made in advance if you want a tan

·        Nail appointment made

·        Hair appointment, styles chosen and images with you to show your stylist, hair    accessories chosen for stylist to apply.
     Bring some pictures with you when making the appointment  as well as on the day so your stylist knows how long it will take and what you want.

·        Make-up appointment, look chosen and images with you to show your make-up artist.


Do you know how you are getting there?

Getting home?

So the check list

1.     Tickets

2.     ID

3.     Date

4.     Dress/Underwear

5.     Jewellery

6.     Shoes

7.     Bag

8.     Tan

9.     Nails

10. Hair

11.  Makeup

12. Transport


Enjoy your night!


Friday, 4 September 2015

Transitional Pieces Pre Fall 2015

Its that time of year again! its not quite summer and its not quite autumn!
For example I woke up to sunshine however as I approached the hall door I was met with torrential rain *sadface

What do I need Sunglasses or Umbrella?? Both!!!

Key pieces for this transitional season "pre-fall"are summarised nicely by fashionista and the designer looks can be found on

Colour wise keeping it quite similar to Autumn Winter with a nod to Spring Summer

It's getting colder so we are keeping warm with the retro beach poncho or an oversized (plush) coat!
The poncho is a good transitional piece as it can be warm and cosy and take you through to Winter while you can wear it to the beach or the park on a sunny day (just in case)


Knits are also creeping into our daily fashion like these...

However we don't want to forget the sunshine of summer so keeping whites in the wardrobe!!

Leather is another key piece, maybe a leather dress or skirt? Not for everyone but it is a warmer fabric and water proof!!!!

Fringing, Pleats and Patterns are still with us so keep these in your wardrobe and just add the warmer pieces and think layering!

Why not pick up a trendy umbrella and let your personality shine through??

How are you coping with this in between time??

What are you wearing??

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#MidweekMotivation ~ 10 Tips to Dress for Success ~


I know we are not meant to judge a book by its cover but let’s face it we all do!

It’s a fact that if you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside. As you strut through town in your Giuseppe Zannottis you have to have a smile on your face!!!

So Dress for the life you want.

This might be a bit random but if you want to be CEO you won’t get it if you turn up in trackies!

I’m all for comfort on your time off but don’t do your shopping in your PJ’s!

Always leave the house clean and smelling good, (even if you return covered in mud and dog hair! #dogowner)

If you look like shit all the time it looks like you just don’t care and don’t respect yourself and then why should anyone else care or respect you??

I’m not saying you need a full face of make-up to leave the house, I don’t wear makeup most days. But remember to cleanse, moisturise, use an SFP and hydrate your lips! Keep your skin in good shape!

1          Wear clothes that fit!

Wear clothes that fit –sleeves, bust, hems

And iron them! No wrinkles!

“Know your colours and your fabrics” anyone remember Mermaids??

Always have a fitted white shirt and a tailored blazer in your wardrobe.

It’s called a power suit for a reason!
I love Victoria Beckham's chic style


2          If you wear it on a night out don’t wear it to work! Be conservative it’s not a night out, skirts past your fingertips (and then some)

3          At work underwear is underwear!!! We don’t need to see it, it won’t help with the annual sales report, people will just wonder if you forgot your top or got dressed in the dark!

4          Nails- You don’t need a professional manicure, just don’t have 50% polish 50%chips especially if you are meeting new people and shaking hands.

5          Shoes – let’s face it we look at shoes first! You need comfort as well as style especially if your standing or walking in them every day! Invest in quality.

6          Accessories- just a tip, if you look in the mirror and see Mr T looking back at you you’ve overdone it!

7          Hair, neat really is all you have to remember. There are so many different styles these days just remember your industry.

8          Perfume-  Smell fresh and clean not like a bowl of pot pouri through up on you!

9          Make-up wise don’t overdo it, minimal! Just look professional. A make-up artist will wear different make up to work than a vet.

10       Look at your desired industry, would you take mortgage advise from someone who looks like Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s???

            Let some of your own personality shine through. You want to stand out while fitting in!

Don’t forget you actually have to be good at your job, be hardworking and diligent. No amount of style will mask incompetence!

Its not just for work you should dress for every occasion, just dress appropriately!!!

And remember….


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