Wednesday, 2 September 2015

#MidweekMotivation ~ 10 Tips to Dress for Success ~


I know we are not meant to judge a book by its cover but let’s face it we all do!

It’s a fact that if you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside. As you strut through town in your Giuseppe Zannottis you have to have a smile on your face!!!

So Dress for the life you want.

This might be a bit random but if you want to be CEO you won’t get it if you turn up in trackies!

I’m all for comfort on your time off but don’t do your shopping in your PJ’s!

Always leave the house clean and smelling good, (even if you return covered in mud and dog hair! #dogowner)

If you look like shit all the time it looks like you just don’t care and don’t respect yourself and then why should anyone else care or respect you??

I’m not saying you need a full face of make-up to leave the house, I don’t wear makeup most days. But remember to cleanse, moisturise, use an SFP and hydrate your lips! Keep your skin in good shape!

1          Wear clothes that fit!

Wear clothes that fit –sleeves, bust, hems

And iron them! No wrinkles!

“Know your colours and your fabrics” anyone remember Mermaids??

Always have a fitted white shirt and a tailored blazer in your wardrobe.

It’s called a power suit for a reason!
I love Victoria Beckham's chic style


2          If you wear it on a night out don’t wear it to work! Be conservative it’s not a night out, skirts past your fingertips (and then some)

3          At work underwear is underwear!!! We don’t need to see it, it won’t help with the annual sales report, people will just wonder if you forgot your top or got dressed in the dark!

4          Nails- You don’t need a professional manicure, just don’t have 50% polish 50%chips especially if you are meeting new people and shaking hands.

5          Shoes – let’s face it we look at shoes first! You need comfort as well as style especially if your standing or walking in them every day! Invest in quality.

6          Accessories- just a tip, if you look in the mirror and see Mr T looking back at you you’ve overdone it!

7          Hair, neat really is all you have to remember. There are so many different styles these days just remember your industry.

8          Perfume-  Smell fresh and clean not like a bowl of pot pouri through up on you!

9          Make-up wise don’t overdo it, minimal! Just look professional. A make-up artist will wear different make up to work than a vet.

10       Look at your desired industry, would you take mortgage advise from someone who looks like Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s???

            Let some of your own personality shine through. You want to stand out while fitting in!

Don’t forget you actually have to be good at your job, be hardworking and diligent. No amount of style will mask incompetence!

Its not just for work you should dress for every occasion, just dress appropriately!!!

And remember….


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