Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Love/Hate Tag Fall Edition

Firstly I would like to thank Jasmine over at colorubold who nominated me back in September! I’m only getting around to this now! (lack of internet and stupid migraines!!) Check out Jasmines post here.

My Autumn/Fall Loves

1 Halloween

I think it’s my favourite holiday! I love dressing up, making costumes, carving pumpkins, decorating the house and of course sweets!!!


2 Scarves

I love scarves and though I find myself wearing them all year round (Irish weather) there is nothing like wrapping up in a big woolly scarf!

3 Sitting by the Fire

It’s just so warm and soothing!

4 Cosiness

Everything cosy, scarves, fires, fuzzy socks and a nice cup of tea!

5 Stew

And autumn/fall food in general! Warming, rustic, hearty meals!

6 Fashion Trends

A new season of Fashion, warm coats and need I say it again scarves!!!

7 Autumn/Fall/Winter Fashion

Another fashion one! But as winter approaches I can happily wear black all the time, indulge in the gothic romance trends, leather and lace, woolly jumpers, knitwear. Maybe I just love clothes!!!

8 Dark Evenings


This is a love/hate one (haha) I like dark evenings for going out. It's dark at 7pm now so I can dress up in full night time make-up and stroll into the city whereas during the summer it's bright and sunny til 10pm so I look a bit over done in full make-up in the evenings. 


My Autumn/Fall Hates I mean Dislikes

1 The Cold

Self explanatory, it gets cold!

2 More Rain

We get rain all year round but it’s just worse when it’s getting cold!

3 Dark Mornings

They don’t help me get out of bed!

4 Is it warm or cold?

Transitional weather, what to wear dilemma!

5 No one can see my beautiful clothes under all the layers of warmth!

I love the warmth and cosiness, but I might as well be wearing my pj’s underneath!

I guess I love the fall? I can't wait until Halloween! Gotta make a costume!!!
Now I nominate you Linda of beauty-la-linda!



  1. Cool tag I like cozy items to wear like sweater and soft scarfes