Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas Day 5 ~ DIY Gift Planning~

Before you launch into making handmade gifts there are a few things to remember...

As a child all we had to do was glue a bit of pasta and glitter to paper and it was as if we handed our parents a Picasso this doesn't translate into adulthood!

Handmade gifts need to be good.

They must be functional or witty.

Personalise the gift, it should be something the person wants or likes.

Baking is always fun so you can bake a Christmas treat for a loved one or make a baking gift so your loved one can enjoy baking and you might get to eat the treats!!!

As I have said before It's all in the Presentation!!! So a simple gift can be made amazing if you wrap it properly, ribbons,  bows, baubles, candy canes....

Read my It's All in the Presentation Post this also deals with functional and personalised gifts.
All this in mind I am beginning to make my handmade gifts, I will keep you updated of my progress. I would love to hear your DIY stories, drop me a link on Twitter or leave a comment below!!


  1. Such a great thoughtful and helpful post! I just suck at handmade things!! XOXO
    IG: stylebytina922

    1. Thank you! I hope to post some more gift ideas soon!