Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!! Resolutions and Goals ~ Midweek Motivation

Happy New Year Everyone out there in Blogging Land!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas? And New Years? I had a great time with friends and family!
Everyone was home for the season and it was great to catch up. But now since everything has gone back to normal (ha!My life and normal?) I find myself hearing a lot about changes and resolutions.


I've never been one for resolutions.
If I am doing something wrong I don't see the point of waiting until the new year to change it and if I'm doing something right then why change just because it's a new year???
(It also seems that resolutions are just a January fad)

So on that note and to quote Patsy Stone:  "I think this year I'll just try to be a bit more relaxed"

(Saffy:  "What is that dead")


I suppose these are not resolutions just putting structure in your life for the year ahead!

Where to start??


I guess its as good a place to start as any, maybe I could be more organised and get into a routine!
Post regularly and on interesting things, fashion, crafts and lifestyle!

Art and Craft

To stay inspired and create something every month!

Also I am hoping to co-ordinate my first exhibition this year!


Cooking and Baking

Stay motivated with my healthy cooking! Going well already just made some tasty and hearty Red Lentil and Yellow Split Pea Soup! 

Keep baking and creating fun and tasty treats! Pinterest inspiration!

Christmas Cake anyone??
Latest Bake!


This one I'm undecided upon, will I have a go and set up my own etsy shop? Any guidance would be much appreciated! I guess I just have to learn more about it first.

Connecting more

This I need your help with, please send me tips and suggestions and leave comments!

Being Human

This is a big one!

Will I ever be a morning person??? I can always hope!

Get my ass in gear and be a functioning human being!!!

So there we have it the plan is have a Fabulous Year and live a Fabulous

So connect and comment!


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