Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Midweek Motivation ~ January Check-up? ~

For this weeks Midweek Motivation I thought I would give you some time to check up on how your resolutions are going??

As you know from my first post of 2016 I'm not a big resolution person but lots of people and I can't deny that the start of a new year can be a fresh start, a time for change or a time to try something new!
Stay positive and motivated! Read something new and don't be afraid of change! As I Lillian says don't "End up at 80 saying I could have done that!"

So first of all how is your 2016 going?

Fabulous? Good!

Have you stuck to your resolutions??


Have you made a list and set goals?? Read here to for some Success Tips!!

Remember to stay positive here!!!

Check out my 5 Tips for Success here!!!

So I hope you have a quick read and give your new year a check up to help you stick to your goals!!

Personally you will see I have done something arty! Knitted hat post here, and I have been baking and cooking dinners like a real person! Mornings still not my friend but I think that's a long term issue!!!

Hope you are all on track this year!


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