Monday, 29 February 2016

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is Sunday the 6th of March this year!!! But it in your calendar and do not forget it if you know what's good for you!!!

Here are some of my gift suggestions:


Simple, these are some options I found at the Cork Flower Studio, this is a great little shop as it does cute cards and gifts too! As well as lovely coffee!!! Support your local independent florist for one off magical arrangements!


Especially if your Mum has green fingers, plants are a must! And hopefully they last longer than flowers. You can usually pick up Mothers day themed plant arrangements everywhere!

I like to make my own arrangement, just grab a basket or nice ceramic pot and fill it with your mums favourite plants and flowers!!

Here's a plant, chocolate and wine hamper from Debenhams!


You know what she likes and what she's getting low on so just pick it up!!!

Lancôme and YSL are always good choices!!!


Every woman loves a box of chocolate!!! Team them up with flowers and tea!

Breakfast in Bed

A must of all little people, mum just loves the pitter patter of little feet and the clatter of spilled orange juice and tea making its way to her crisp clean sheets!

Afternoon Tea

I love baking and suggest you bake afternoon tea, have a lovely table cloth, doileys, cute tea pot and fine bone china, cupcakes, biscuits ooh love it!!! Check out my Valentines baking blog love for some great ideas, show your mum some love!!!

Or bring Mummy out for Afternoon tea in your local 5* Hotel!

Or check out Marks and Spencer's Afternoon Tea Basket!

Spa Break

A little pricier but why not spoil mum with a nice weekend away and some spa treatments!

Home Décor

This cute cushion also from M&S is  perfect!

I love a cute Cake stand, Tea pot or cup so I would always get some for my mum when I see something we both would like!!

Get her something she wants!!!

I always say this, it doesn't have to be your typical seasonal gift. If there is something your mum has been looking at for a while be it a new handbag or a new hoover, you might as well get it for her now! There is no point getting someone a gift that they don't want or won't use!!!


Don't forget the card!!! Fill it with confetti or glitter (make sure you got her that hoover!!!)

Whatever you decide on tell your mum how much she means to you, show her some love, and enjoy the day!!!


If you need some more baking inspiration check out my previous posts:

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Friday, 26 February 2016

If I Could...... Tag


Hey Hey, 
Beauty La Linda tagged me to do this post and I want to thank her 'cos it is a really good one!!!
Check out her answers here!!!!
As you can see from the title its called If I could... It is basically a series of questions on what you would do if you could and there were no external factors preventing you! So here we go!

If I could live anywhere...

Same place, but in a different (bigger)  house, close to nature and the sea but also close enough to the city!!! Not asking a lot!

If I could have any home...


I also have my future home planned out and redesigned constantly!!! I love homeware and always think of what type of house would suit everything!! Things I love and would love to have are:
  • Kitchen with lots of counter space!!! And a large pantry for lovely storage!!!!
  • Utility room with wet room for washing dogs and willies!
  • Cosy Living Room
  • Formal Dining Room
  • "Good" Room
  • Sun Room
  • Playrooom (always wanted one as a child!!!)
  • Craft Room
  • Wardrobe Room (like in the lotto add, you know with the cherrypicker)
  • Dressing Room
  • Master Bedroom like 600square feet plus Ensuite
  • Spare Bedrooms x 4 / possibly guest wing!
  • Bathroom with cast iron bath in the middle and large shower room. Storage!!!!
  • Grand staircase and spiral staircase
  • Balcony
  • Glass House
  • Garden with Lawn, Maze and Pond!
A bit detailed??? Well if I could!!!

 If I could have any garden...



A mix of Garnish Island and Ewe Gardens!!!
Really you must check out Glengarriff!!! Such amazing gardens and views in such a small town!!!!
They also used to have fields in the middle of nowhere absolutely covered in gnomes! It was just so random and cute!
So I guess what I'm saying is Glengarriff would be my ideal garden!!! 
Ooh and a bamboo garden hut like Bambudda Grove in Ibiza!!!

If I could be on holiday right now...

Lease a Private Jet and start with all of Europe, then move to the rest of the world!!!


If I could have any job right now...

Stepford Wife!!!
Don't really know, Fashion Designer or Fashion Lawyer!!!

If I could have any Talent...

I agree with Linda's Talent or Superpower?
Because looking at my first few answers I'd like Sabrina's magic!!!
Honestly more concentration and focus!!!

If I could live any day again...

Probably with my grandparents when we were all young.
This is a great Tag I hope some day(in 50 years)  I can do an update saying yep this is my life now!!!
But till then I will just have to wait and read everyone else's answers!!!
Now I tag you!!!

If you, like me just like the idea of doing this tag, Then I Tag YOU! Give it a go!
Enjoy! Leave me links & I'll be sure to check them out when their up!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Organisation, Storage and Cute Jars ~ Spring Cleaning ~ DIY's

Ok I might not be the most organised person but I do like to try! And it is Spring Cleaning time!!!

I love Storage and Storage Jars especially in the Kitchen! Now I have bought sooo many Jars for my kitchen, all different shapes and sizes for storing everything from sugar to cookie cutters. I have picked them up everywhere from pound shops to home wear supplies and everywhere in between! (Ikea you need to move closer to me!!!) Love Meadows & Byrne but again they have relocated away from me!

Now Jar-wise I have branched out to pack cakes in jars, (check out my post here) so my jar collection needs to grow. I had an idea to recycle food jars. (Now I do recycle glass in the recycle centre and way prefer food to come in glass jars over plastics - tangential rant)

Every Jam maker reuses old jam jars so why not use them for other things.

Also it can't be just me that opens plastic bags by exploding the contents all over the place and having no way of keeping the unused contents fresh!

So now I wash out old jars, (especially those that are cute shapes) soak to remove labels and paint the lids and paint on labels with chalk paint (so cute) I have used these to store Macaroni in the large one and chopped Hazelnuts in the smaller one!!!

Here are some before and after pics:

And here's my Cake in a Jar Attempt:
Hope you like this post and give recycling Jars into storage a go!
Please send me your organisation hacks!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Simple Chocolate Fudge Recipe ~ Baking Love ~ Blog Love ~

I love baking and chocolate so I thought it was time for another baking post. Also I have to share links to all the lovely people/bloggers I've enjoyed chatting to this week!

Last Thursday while waiting for the #USBloggerChat and browsing Twitter I came across this beauty Rebecca @winberrycrumble and her post on Popping Candy Fudge (see the full recipe here!) and what good timing as the chat was all about FOOD!!! My favourite! (thanks to the lovely host Meg(z)han @gotmeghan)

So I set about making this delicious treat!


397g (1 tin) condensed milk
400g milk chocolate
25g unsalted butter, softened
100g icing sugar
Colourful sugar strands (I used stars)
3 packets of popping candy (about 15g)

I luckily had all the ingredients in my cupboard, (randomly had popping candy left over from Halloween)

Such a simple recipe, but be careful I almost burnt the pot with my chocolate!

So show this blog some love and make yourself some fudge!!!!

Share your recipes and pics with me!


Friday, 19 February 2016

Grammys 2016 Fashion & Style

Grammys style this year was quite subdued but some stars deserve a mention. These were the highlights for me!

Lady Gaga's homage to David Bowie in this beautiful custom Marc Jacobs, right on trend. I am loving the Jacket Dress!!!

The trouser suit
Zendaya in Dsquared2 and Giuseppe Zanotti
Serayah in this lovely Vera Wang number
Traditional Black
Carrie Underwood in Nicolas Jebra and Giuseppi Zanotti's
Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace and Giuseppi Zanotti's
I actually really like this dress that Mya is wearing
This Christian Siriano piece really suits Elle King and her personality
Something a bit different, Janelle Monae in Jean Paul Gaultier
Rihanna in this Giambattista Valii cupcake flouncy gown
Selena Gomez in a Calvin Klein sparkly number
Really like the fabric in this Vivienne Westwood gown on Liame-La-Havas
Cute Hello Kitty Onsie worn by Dencia not sure if it's red carpet worthy but  worth a mention, and aren't we meant to be comfortable... (though maybe not that comfortable) but at least she stood out from the crowd!
Another "something different" look from Z-Lala
Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace and Stuart Weitzman. Not sure if it's my thing, I like the skirt but not sure about the boob tube more poolside than red carpet.
Also love this gold number Jani Khosla on Giuliana Rancic!
What was your favourite look of the 2016 Grammy's???

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentines Tea Party ~ Galentines ~ Baking, Recipes and Treats ~

I know I did a Valentines recipe post yesterday but as I said any reason to bake!!!! Now this is a Galentines post!!!

So we had a little Valentines Day Themed Tea Party and Crafty Day!!!!

I baked some cute mini cupcakes! Using the Odlums recipe here, but I added some red food colouring to make them "Valentinesy"


  • 125g/4oz Odlums Self Raising Flour
  • 125g/4oz Butter or Margarine  (room temperature)
  • 125g/4oz Caster Sugar
  • 2 Eggs (room temperature)
  • Few Drops Vanilla Essence

  • Just mix all your ingredients together
    Fill your (mini red polka dot/valentines) cupcake cases
    Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 12 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.


    I iced these more like fairy cakes or buns using icing sugar and a tiny drop of water and food colouring. I topped them with some pink sugar on the white ones and "Love Heart" sweets on the pink ones!

    I was looking for some Valentines biscuits so I choose Jammy Dodgers as they have hearts on them! Some Mikado as they are pink and some Chocolate Digestives as everyone loves chocolate! We had a box of Family Circle too and some Celebrations!

    While in Tesco I picked up these cute love heart napkins for €1.50!!

    We had a great day opening our exhibition, crafting, eating cakes and biscuits and drinking tea!!!

    Hope you have a great Valentines however and with whoever you spend it!!!


    Check out my previous valentines baking post here and shopping list here

    Last Minute Valentines Shopping

    Ok so you have left it a bit late and now you are rushing to find that perfect Valentines gift, but all is not lost as I have found some quick and easy suggestions! I know I don't really get this holiday (lovey cringe worthy c*!p) but everyone likes presents!

    1.Breakfast in Bed

    Simple whether it is a traditional Full Irish, Eggs Benedict or Florentine, More Pancakes (cos that stuff is probably on sale) or healthy yoghurt and fruit everyone loves a surprize breakfast in bed!
    So run to your local supermarket and pick up what you need!

    I found these cute love heart napkins and I love you toast stamp in Tesco for €1.50 each! Perfect to set the mood!


    Last minute means left overs this time of year and expensive leftovers!

    Tips buy two  or more smaller bunches, remove the cheap plastic petrol station looking wrapping and put in a vase on the table to surprize someone, or wrap yourself with cute gift wrap!

    It needn't be roses, it's in the thought here!!! So try to remember what your significant others favourite flower is or what their favourite colour is!!!

    Think about a plant, it's more long term.... like you hope to be!!!

    3.Lingerie for the Lady.... or the Gentleman (who really gets to enjoy it???)

    If you don't know the correct size don't bother!
    Also remember Penny in the Big Bang Theory.... (slutty carrot...) make sure it's something ye both like!

    Depending on the couple, run down to primark and get a nice onsie (matching onsies) for a night in in front of the telly! (Netflix & Chill)

    4.Chocolates & Deserts

    Tips for the frugal make your own! Just melt down a regular (Tesco value etc.) bar and stick some jelly tots, valentines M & M's, red or pink sprinkles in it. If you don't have a silicone mould just lay it out on cling film or baking paper and make bark!

    Or Bake a Cake! I know something you actually put effort into is sooo much better than something you picked up without any thought from the designated Valentines Isle!

    And pick up a pack of Love Hearts and you never know some Rolo's

    Previous post inspiration here and here!!!


    5. Clothes, Shoes & Jewellery

    If you want to go down this route you need to know your partner and their sizes! If it's too small or too big your basically calling them fat! Unless it's perfect you're in trouble!!!!

    If it's jewellery..... it better be a ring otherwise your teasing (did I say teasing I mean dead)....if it's a ring omg you did not just do that on valentines... gay... cringe... so I say unless your on the same page and "there" just avoid this one!

    If you do feel the need to propose  (cringe) do it in style with a pair of Manolo Blahniks! And remember it's two months wages you gotta spend!!!!!!!! And no one is safe this year is a leap year!!!

    Shoes....Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, & Christian Louboutin are the men you need this valentines! Think modern day Cinderella!

    Gifts in General!

    Anything cute (teddy) or techie (no idea!) and completely un-valentines related but that you know your significant other would actually like buy it! It doesn't have to be roses and chocolate, if your man wants new head phones or a record player get them! How about a new frying pan since you burnt theirs making pancakes earlier this week!
    Chocolates are gone in seconds and then the moaning starts cos now I'm fat but something heartfelt might last a bit better!!!

    Enjoy the Day that is in it!