Saturday, 13 February 2016

Last Minute Valentines Shopping

Ok so you have left it a bit late and now you are rushing to find that perfect Valentines gift, but all is not lost as I have found some quick and easy suggestions! I know I don't really get this holiday (lovey cringe worthy c*!p) but everyone likes presents!

1.Breakfast in Bed

Simple whether it is a traditional Full Irish, Eggs Benedict or Florentine, More Pancakes (cos that stuff is probably on sale) or healthy yoghurt and fruit everyone loves a surprize breakfast in bed!
So run to your local supermarket and pick up what you need!

I found these cute love heart napkins and I love you toast stamp in Tesco for €1.50 each! Perfect to set the mood!


Last minute means left overs this time of year and expensive leftovers!

Tips buy two  or more smaller bunches, remove the cheap plastic petrol station looking wrapping and put in a vase on the table to surprize someone, or wrap yourself with cute gift wrap!

It needn't be roses, it's in the thought here!!! So try to remember what your significant others favourite flower is or what their favourite colour is!!!

Think about a plant, it's more long term.... like you hope to be!!!

3.Lingerie for the Lady.... or the Gentleman (who really gets to enjoy it???)

If you don't know the correct size don't bother!
Also remember Penny in the Big Bang Theory.... (slutty carrot...) make sure it's something ye both like!

Depending on the couple, run down to primark and get a nice onsie (matching onsies) for a night in in front of the telly! (Netflix & Chill)

4.Chocolates & Deserts

Tips for the frugal make your own! Just melt down a regular (Tesco value etc.) bar and stick some jelly tots, valentines M & M's, red or pink sprinkles in it. If you don't have a silicone mould just lay it out on cling film or baking paper and make bark!

Or Bake a Cake! I know something you actually put effort into is sooo much better than something you picked up without any thought from the designated Valentines Isle!

And pick up a pack of Love Hearts and you never know some Rolo's

Previous post inspiration here and here!!!


5. Clothes, Shoes & Jewellery

If you want to go down this route you need to know your partner and their sizes! If it's too small or too big your basically calling them fat! Unless it's perfect you're in trouble!!!!

If it's jewellery..... it better be a ring otherwise your teasing (did I say teasing I mean dead)....if it's a ring omg you did not just do that on valentines... gay... cringe... so I say unless your on the same page and "there" just avoid this one!

If you do feel the need to propose  (cringe) do it in style with a pair of Manolo Blahniks! And remember it's two months wages you gotta spend!!!!!!!! And no one is safe this year is a leap year!!!

Shoes....Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, & Christian Louboutin are the men you need this valentines! Think modern day Cinderella!

Gifts in General!

Anything cute (teddy) or techie (no idea!) and completely un-valentines related but that you know your significant other would actually like buy it! It doesn't have to be roses and chocolate, if your man wants new head phones or a record player get them! How about a new frying pan since you burnt theirs making pancakes earlier this week!
Chocolates are gone in seconds and then the moaning starts cos now I'm fat but something heartfelt might last a bit better!!!

Enjoy the Day that is in it!


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