Friday, 12 February 2016

Treat yourself this Valentines ~ Favourites ~ Baking Blogs and Recipes

It's that time of year again.... Valentines!

Now there are lovers and haters of this holiday and I'm not really one for that fake lovey-dovey S!*T but I never miss an opportunity to eat chocolate and cake! And I love crafts and make-and-do, I'm like an overgrown child!!!! So I do like some valentines things and it's always nice to cheer up someone's day with a cute treat and a big hug!

Also as you know I am obsessed with pinterest and there are soooo many cute cakes and bakes on there for valentines so I am gonna make some treats for friends and family!

Some of my favourite finds include Strawberry Cake in a Jar from The Mini Baker

Also these great compilations like this one from The Helicopter Mum
as you can tell I am going through a Cakes in Jars phase and am kinda feeling Red Velvet for the season!

Let me know how your baking adventure progresses and send me links to recipes you like or think I should try!
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