Friday, 11 March 2016

Knitting & Crochet Project ~ Owl Hat ~

I have seen soo many cute owl hat projects and patterns. Now I'm not quite experienced enough for a lot of them, but I saw so many cute images on pinterest and thought I would give it a go!

Also I planned to do something crafty every month, this is February's craftiness!!!
Also I was quite poorly so this took my mind of dwelling in self pity!!!

I struggle with following patterns in everything I do, I'm more of a trial and error kinda gal!


So this is my "pattern":

Using 10mm needles
Cast on 40 stitches
Stocking stitch for approx. 25 rows (I didn't really count approx. 5")
Then change colour (I changed to White)
Stocking Stitch the same amount again, approx. 25 rows!

Sew up edge.
Then sew top.
(Thinking about sewing across corners as ears??)

Crochet eyes
I'm not the best at crochet but my attempt worked quite well!!!
Chain 3 in circle and keep circling to make big round eyes!!
Start Black for pupil and change to white after one round!

I knitted a beak too, couldn't decide what colour, and I only had much thinner wool so I used 3 colours of yellow/orange.
Cast on 5. Kn1 Pl1
Reduce to 3
Reduce again to 1.

This is the first time I used crochet to "sew" up the seems and sew on the eyes and beak but it worked quite well!!!

And here is the finished product!!!!

Hope you like it!
This hat keeps me warm and puts a smile on my face!!!

Send me links to any simple projects you think I would like or projects you have done!!


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