Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2016 Goals 3 Month Update!!!

I don't do resolutions but to stay human and improve my life I do set goals for myself! Most recently those mentioned here in my original Goals Post so I thought I would be an update mostly so I stick to these and to help motivate you out there to stick with your goals too!!!!




"Routine & Post regularly and on interesting things, fashion, crafts and lifestyle!"
Kinda been good with this recently, but it is still a work in progress! March has been my best Month so far though so I guess I do these new year things backwards!!!

Art and Craft

"To stay inspired and create something every month!" Done

January: Pom Pom Hat, Knitting Project

February: Owl Hat Project incorporating Knitting and crochet and my pattern!
Also I am hoping to co-ordinate my first exhibition this year! Done Valentines "LoveKnot" textile exhibition!

March: I have started to crochet a quilt, so far it's a house full of granny squares!

Cooking and Baking

"Stay motivated with my healthy cooking!" Actually really easy to do! Check out my instagram for my healthy meals pics!
"Keep baking and creating fun and tasty treats!" Done again anything involving food I seem to manage!!! Check out my posts!!!

Ferrero Rocher Cake
Simple Chocolate Fudge
Red Velvet
Paddy's Day Guinness Cake with Baileys Frosting
Easter Eggs
Crème Egg baking
Minions Cookies
Cookie Monster Cupcakes


"This one I'm undecided upon, will I have a go and set up my own etsy shop? Any guidance would be much appreciated! I guess I just have to learn more about it firs"t.
Still undecided... I just don't know enough about it and don't have enough "stock" at the moment.

Connecting more

Done ! Lots of Twitter chats, loving all the new people I have met and connected with!!!
Some Twitterchats I'm loving lately:

#bdib                        Monday 7pm Friday 8pm GMT
#bdibNA                  Monday & Friday 2am GMT
#syblchat                  Wednesday 2am GMT
#flbchat                    Tuesday 8pm GMT
#speakup                  Thursday 8pm GMT
#usbloggerchat         Thursday 1am GMT
#irishbloggers           Friday 6pm GMT
#socialbloggers         Saturday 6pm GMT
#zchat                       Monday 9pm GMT
#fitbunnieschat        Sunday 6pm GMT
#crafthour                Sunday 7pmGMT

Being Human

Still struggling with this one!!!! Haha!
Will I ever be a morning person??? I can always hope!
Ya that was just wishful thinking, even if I am physically awake at 6am mentally I'm asleep till 2pm!!!

 Three Month Update Results

  • Pretty good really!
  • Blogging going well.
  • Staying creative!
  • Cooking & Eating well!
  • Baking always my love!

  • Etsy... meh
  • Being human... fail!!!
  • Mornings..... Fail!

5 out of 8 not so bad!

So how are you doing this year??
Achieving all your goals?
Stay motivated and positive!!!!

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